Thursday, December 22, 2011

What is so special on 2011?

As usual... new semester...welcome degree program.
Nothing best happen yet...*maybe, i forgot.. ;D
My younger brother birthday (Ajid), 19th of Jan. His sweet 18.

My birthday of course,,,nothing special really on this month, *the rest i've just forgot,
such a bad memory i've.

Going for SBE (School Based Experience) a.k.a PBS (Pengalaman Berasaskan Sekolah).
*My younger brother birthday (Aiman), 31st of March. His sweet 11.

I just forgot what happen on this month, hurm... trying to recall...and there's no answer.

Maybe during this month, preparing for exam. *holiday though...haha

It's holiday. Celebrating bday here and there... *nope really,,,
*It's my eldest brother birthday (A.d), 11th of June. His sweet and sour 25.

July,'s over and going for second semester of degree program...daaa...
here we go again, "Kami balik ke Batu Lintang lagi"-mentioned in IPG's song. lalala~
*13th of July, it has been 2 and a half year i'm studying at IPGKBL. when will its end?
3 years to go. *i'm waiting...~*

Fasting month. Having project course, went to Kpg. Segubang, Bau. Weee..~
*Younger brother's birthday again (Ariz), 10th of August. His sweet 7.

*Wake me up when september ends? lala,,~ something that i just can't recall,
maybe there's nothing special happen beside my late father's birthday on 23rd.
Just remember, going for SBE.

Here it comes..the sweet and sour of mine! Haha, just kidding.
*My beloved mother's birthday on 25th.

Having love is in the air maybe? *i'm the only one who felt the love (sigh)
It ends just like that? *Yup! and it hurts, of course coz' its broken. What-E.
*the month i would like to forget much, but the month i really remember a lot.

It's holiday! Yeay! *am i really happy? happier than last month.
Having so much fun with mother and brothers.
Azman's (youngest brother) birthday! 7th of december, his sweet 6.
*2011 is about to end soon...and new semester is coming straight away. ;(
just be patience for about 2 years then. ;)

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