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i just wanna share my essay.... (^___^) hope you like & enjoy reading~
Yes! Exam is over! Everyone looks happy and very excited because it is time for semester break. For me, it is not really exciting when it comes to a semester break. It is just the day that I spent much time with my family at the hometown as well as my friends.

The semester break was only for three weeks. I spent about a week in Kuching at my aunt's house. It is because, my brother had promised to pick me up on June 3rd. When I was in Kuching, there were nothing interesting that I have done. I helped my aunt to take care of the house while she went to the office for work during weekdays. Apart from that, I enjoyed surfing the internet and reading novels.

Alhamdulillah. I managed to reach my hometown before the 3rd June because, my other aunt came from Sri Aman on May 30th if I'm not mistaken. When I reached home, I felt grateful because I still had a chance to be with my family.

During that time, my eldest brother also came from Sibu to pick up his wife and childred who were in Sebuyau at that time. When my brother came with his family from Sebuyau, I felt happy because I could see my beloved nieces, Shairah and Qalesya. Shairah looked thinner than the last time I saw her while Qalesya looked much chubby. But they both are still cute and adorable to me.

Unfortunately, I could only spent two days taking care of them because my brother had to go back to Sibu for work. I felt empty as I missed my mischievous Shairah and sweet Qalesya. Starting from that day, my holidays seemed dull and most of the time I spent was in front of my laptop. I kept on watching Qalesya's video while busy with my facebook and blog. Besides, I also write a new story and put it into my blog.

sweet Qalesya...

mischievous Shairah

Furthermore, I went to my aunt's house to celebrate her husband's birthday on June 6th. During the party, I ate ABC which I've been wishing for since I left Kuching as the weather was too hot. Yummy!

There was something funny had happened to me on the second week of the semester break. I've got confused about the date that my semester break ended. I thought it was the same as school holidays but it is a week more than the school holidays.

One June 12th, I accompanied my cousin to Kuching as his younger brother went back to the hostel. The journey was only for a day and we both also managed to pick up my adopted sister at Taman Malihah. Moreover, we were also given a task by my uncle to see a man who was selling furniture that he had known from Before going home, we ate pizza together at Pizza Hut, Kota Samarahan.

For the remaining days of the break, my mother taught me how to make kuey tiaw noodle based on the recipe that I've browsed from the internet. It was enjoyable. Mother also taught me simple food to make for hi-tea. I also enjoyed making 'roti canai' with my mother by adding some flavor such as milo wit oat. When my mother was not around, I cooked for my brothers. They love eating what I've cooked even though for me it was not satisfying because it di not look like what I've seen. But, they really appreciated the 'Butter Chicken' I cooked for them and kept asking for more.

As the time went by, I've got bored. So, I decided to cut my hair to fill my time beside cutting my mother's hair. I enjoyed cutting my hair myself rather than asking a barber to do it for me since I was fifteen.

I also taught my younger brother to recite al-Quran in order to help my mother. Usually, I taught them after they had finished taking their bath and doing their homework. Sometimes, I watched movies and played PC games. But, I only played Angry Birds as it helped me to reduce my sadness. I only went out with my friends once. We ate waffles together and went to the water front near the river bank while sharing stories as we rarely meet each other.

Although I only spent my semester break at home, it's always been the best time ever.

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