Wednesday, October 12, 2011


when a boy is quiet ,
Means he need to be alone...
When a boy is not arguing 
he is taking it seriously...
When a boy look at you with eyes full of questions ,
he just want to know the answer
when a boy answers "I'm fine" after a few seconds ,
he remained fine.
when a boy stares at you ,
he loves to see your smile

When a boy let you lays on his chest ,
he is wishing that your tears will fade away

When a boy didn't calls you everyday,
doesn't mean he didn't miss you, he might be busy

When a boy SMS you once a day ,
he just being himself ...

When a boy shows he loves you
He really meant it....

When a boy made you think you cannot live with him,
he's not the one because of he'll leave you  ...

When a boy says "I Miss You" ,
that's simple three word can be a miracle

when a girl is quiet ,
Millions of things is running in her mind...
When a girl is not arguing 
she is thinking deeply...
When a girl look at you with eyes full of questions ,
she is wondering how long you will be around...
when a girl answers "I'm fine" after a fw seconds ,
she is not fine..
when a girl stares at you ,

she is wondering why are you lying ???

When a girl lays on your chest ,
she is wishing for you to be with 4 ever !!!

When a girl calls you everyday ,
she is seeking for your attention ...

When a girl SMS you everyday ,
she wants you to reply at least once ...

When a girl says "I LOVE YOU"
She meant it....

When a girl says she cannot live without you ,
she has made up her mind you is her future ...

When a girl says "I Miss You" ,
no one can miss you more than her.....

even we're different, we complete each other.
copy paste and share. [when a girl...]
copy paste edit and share. [when a girl > when a boy] *from my thought

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