Wednesday, October 19, 2011

facebook BUTTONs are speaking?

if you were a status, i would LIKE you,
but i wouldn't SHARE you
but if you hurt me i'll REMOVE you
the most worse i can do is to BLOCK you
but i wouldn't POST you
and the memories remain on my WALL
but don't ever ASK QUESTION
in real world i do want to SEE MORE from your status
by looking at your PHOTO it makes my world complete on a day
i can't leave you a COMMENT on each of your UPDATE STATUS
its because you PRIVATE your wall and i can't ADD you as my friend
i always love to see my HOME checking whether
you're ONLINE or not at my CHAT BOX
even though i'm not updating my status, i do leave my NOTES for you
i do want to put your name as my FAVOURITE QUOTATIONS
but i also want to list your name at PEOPLE WHO INSPIRE YOU

*i'm too tired to think...i think its just enough...~

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