Monday, October 31, 2011

if you're

Lately, aku selalu jumpa Quote ni kat FB,

" If you are a LADY,
Take care of your BODY,
Don't ever make BABY,
Without a DADDY "

suddenly thinking... xde ke Quotes mcm nie utk lelaki? so, i decided to do simple Quote in reply di atas ...

"If you are a GUY,
Don't you ever TRY,
Approach the LADY,
If she's not the one you MARRY"

Sounds funny la pulak...apa2 pun simple jek...dgn harapan memberi manfaat pd yg membacanya kelak.. =D

Have a nice day all LADies and GUYs out there.

suka tengok apron nie...
simple. walaupun takde kena mengena an en3 tp
it has symbol for LADY and GUY on it.
taken here

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