Saturday, February 2, 2013

Should I say...

Dear you, PLEASE STAY.

Dear you,
I keep thinking, am I really loves you all these while?
Or, I'm just keeping you so that I'm not alone?
Or, I'm just being sympathy?

Dear you,
I don't know what to say anymore. I'm really sorry if all these while I'm stressing you with my attitude towards you. I'm trying hard to make you believe that I really loves you. But, the harder I try, the harder you are trying to believe me. I know, I'm not the best as you wish even though you say so.

Dear you,
Thank you for still believing me and be there for me. Even I've might have annoyed you with my bad attitude.
Thank you so much because still loving me. I can feel the love is still the same as the first time we know each other last year.

Dear you,
If Allah let us to be husband and wife, I will surely loves you and try not to make you hurt anymore.
I'm really sorry if lately I've neglected you. It is just because I am busy. I am so sorry and really sorry.
Take care always and never forget to be a good Muslim. Hope you'll lead me to Jannah. Amin.



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