Sunday, May 30, 2010

i'm home

syukur Alhamdulillah coz aku slmt smpai umah pd jumaat lps, 28mei..rindu yg tramat pd keluarga mbuatku bsmangat utk mnjwb soalan pd hr last exam. paperPA2 adlh paper last utk sem nie,,,alhamdulillah,,pa yg ak blja klua...skang nie just doa je,,usaha dh..hope lulus n pointer maintain or getting better than last sem,,amin,,,
i miss him so much..coz during holiday,,he's not here..i'm here but he's there,,,hope he's always fine.
hm,,,miss ma friends also,,,but not as much i'm missing him (ma late pa),,,apa2 pn,,,setiap yg hidup pasti akn mati,,,
he's to worried,,,
he dreamed about me d day b4 he send me to my hometown,,,he said actually he doesn't want to send me back,,,but he has to,.
poor him,,but what can i do,,we are not married yet..if we are husband and wife there will be no difficulties,,
back to his dream.he dreamed that we (me, him and his family) on a trip going back to our hometown using van..but we got accident.he said others are safe,,but he can't find me at the first place,,it took time because our van going down to the river..after a long wait i came out from the river..he feel happy..but the ending he doesn't know whether i'm alive or not...
no wonder along the way we're going back,,,he seemed different..his eyes showed that he's not willing i'm going back,,,pity him
apa2 pn,,,ak gtaw kt dye,,,
ajl maut dtgn Tuhan,,jgn dfkir sgt mimpi,,,mimpi mainan tido,,,

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